Marx Project

"Supporting economic and social activities with an ethical foundation"
"Digital value transfomation platform for real assets"
"Strengthening freedom, peace, and social solidarity"

What is MarX Project?

MarX Project aims to eliminate the monopoly of intermediate distribution by providing a Value Metaverse ecosystem to establish a sharing network with direct exchange of value creator and value consumers.

Monetary Naturalism

We give back the function of money to voluntary exchangeability, value for the power the natural generation of the value creator. Replaces capital currency with NFT with the Natural power of money.

Value Transformation

The price of the prime convert to The Value of the Majority. Not as a capital currency as a means of power, but as an NFT of the subject of those who empower or those who create values.

Value Marginal Revolution

Value is not determined by cost and labor, but by the utility of an individual’s life. Value is not a spectacle of an already completed desire for the capitalist world, but rather a desire and the world create together on the basis of various "history of act " carried out by one person in the capitalist world

Why Choose MarX DeFi-NFT Platform?

Platform creates and trades a wide range of new and exciting NFT, while providing the convenience of using familiar programming languages and operating environments.

To protect the data of the NFT creator, Platform supports tokenized data generation and supports the deployment of DApp, which can create a new type of NFT that rewards storing data.

NFT transfer, Consignment of security, Interoperability through the multi-chain multi-ledger Blockchain system.